Faces of MOH: The Key to a Fulfilling Life

One Melody of Hope leader shares why his hours spent volunteering equal time well spent.


Melody of Hope Board Member Brett Larson has a plate full enough to rival most Thanksgiving spreads as a father of two, a dedicated husband (who is prone to bragging on his wife at every opportunity), and a full-time financial planning and wealth manager. Despite this full plate, Larson has found his way into a leading role within the Melody of Hope Board of Directors. For those unaware, MOH board members are there to help navigate the rough waters of running a non-profit. They are selected for their passion for service, their knowledge in business, and their love of the Lord. Brett Larson has all of these qualities by the pound and more.

The Faces Team recently had the privilege of sitting down with Brett to discuss God, his family, and how serving the community brings him closer to both.

A fresh outlook on time

Despite a calendar bursting at the seams, Brett considers time spent giving back to the community to be the icing on top of the cake.

With all of the roles he plays, Brett is keenly aware of the value of time. So, how does he find a way to balance work and family with his passion for giving back? For Brett, the answer is easy.

“For us, our community involvement is partially because we enjoy it—we love it, but it’s also partially to be an example to our children.”

Serving others is key to fulfillment

Servant leadership is a constant theme in Brett’s life—from volunteering to how he stewards his time with his family. He believes that his involvement in Melody of Hope and investing in others has been the key to his personal growth, as well as the continued success of his marriage. 

Brett believes that by overcoming the struggles of feeling like there is not enough time in the day and not enough energy to get involved is what leads to an increased fulfillment in his own life.

“Go out there and be the awkward person in the room of an organization that you think would be interesting and fulfilling.”

Melody of Hope could not exist without the efforts of people like Brett finding ways to give where they can. The common thread running through MOH volunteers is a desire to serve the community in a meaningful way.

Have you found yourself wanting to give back, but feeling like you just don’t have the time? Take a page from Brett’s book and dive in somewhere. You won’t regret it.

[Interview and writing by Kevin McKitterick]  [Editing by Christina Hawkes]

[Interview and writing by Kevin McKitterick]

[Editing by Christina Hawkes]