We’d like to introduce you to another light in our organization who has been there since “day one” and continues to give her time and talent to Melody of Hope. Shea Thielemann is a founding board member of MOH, thanks to her dear friendship with Executive Director and Founder, Charlie Wendell. Shea credits Charlie’s contagious energy and passion for her involvement with our organization, noting that she knew she needed to be a part of any organization that is lead by Charlie.


Shea is a Licensed Professional Counselor in the Dallas-based private practice, Sparrow House Counseling. She received her undergraduate degree from the University of North Texas and attended DTS for her masters. She has been working in the counseling field for about five years, narrowing her focus to clients dealing with grief and trauma-related concerns. Shea adores her clients and intends on serving in the private practice realm long-term, with a goal to also offer group therapy and/or retreats to clients in the future.

“What I love most about MOH is the connections made. Whether that is with old friends, new acquaintances, artists we work with, or other non-profits we come alongside - building and maintaining connections with others is what I find to be most beautiful and most Christ-like about our organization.”

Looking forward, Shea hopes to see Melody of Hope’s connections and relationships multiply. MOH has seen much growth in the first five years and she’s eager to see what the next five will bring. In terms of a more tangible/measurable goal, Shea has a music festival on her radar and, hopefully, on the horizon.


We asked Shea to provide some Fun Facts to help you get to know the wonderful person we are honored to serve with.. What she shared does not disappoint!

  • I lived in Greece after college, before grad school

  • I don’t like chocolate… like, I hate it

  • I’m obsessed with the Enneagram - I’m a Type 4

  • I know every word to Don McLean’s “American Pie” (all 8 minutes and 33 seconds)

We are so very blessed to have Shea in the Melody of Hope family. She brings so much to the table and we could not imagine our organization without her steadfast faith and spirit. Shea, thank you for sharing your heart with us!